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About Us


The Ci Shop is a Latina founded brand for creations that inspire! I created a brand to sell women's fashion goods and accessories!  This started as a thought of how-to self-care while becoming a mom. I wanted to feel beautiful and be impactful at the same time, to myself and others. I told myself, it was time to take a leap of faith! I began wearing items that spoke to me, I realized how much love these items were getting from others, so I decided to spread the cultural joy and make relationships with businesses in Mexico and the USA, whom are primarily women owned. Most of these fashion accesories are handmade and unique pieces. I am a proud Texan Latina and The Ci Shop is based out of Houston Texas, I am another mija building my small dream hoping to expand collections to our space. We would love to be a part of your closet! My mission is to empower others to strive for more and create a love for something into a passion for it. 

If there's a way to make you feel more beautiful, I want to be a part of it!


Cynthia, CA

"This product was amazing! Shipping was fast."

Camern O, KY

"I ordered a leather bag, it was so beautiful and genuine. I loved it so much and the packaging was so pretty!"

Marcia R, MI

"I can't wait to order again, pictures don't do justice! Order from here, the product is beautiful"
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